Attention Crossdressers and Transgender Women:

Are You Ready to Achieve a Slim, Attractive MTF Female Figure?

Transform Your Body from the Inside Out with the FREE Fit & Femme Starter Kit

Fit Femme Starter Kit

Being at Your Ideal Weight can Make You Look and Feel Your Best as a Woman...

But if you’ve ever tried to diet or exercise – only to fall off track a few weeks later – you know it isn’t so simple.

Most weight loss programs don't work because they only focus on the PHYSICAL. But lasting change has everything to do with your habits and behaviors... In other words, your MIND.

The Fit and Femme Starter Kit addresses both the mental and physical aspects of transformation. It will help you kickstart the changes you need to achieve the fit, attractive body you’ve been dreaming of!

Best of all, it's totally FREE!

Here's everything included in the FREE Fit and Femme Starter Kit:

Fit Femme Starter Kit MP3

7 Minute Feminizing Weight Loss Mediation

With Lucille Sorella and Kodi Roberts

  • Think and act like a naturally thin person so you can achieve your body goals with ease
  • Increase your motivation to eat healthy food and exercise
  • Feel confident and in control of your body and life
Fit Femme Starter Kit Workout

10 Minute Hourglass Figure HIIT Workout

With Anri van Niekerk

  • Burn calories and boost your metabolism in just 10 minutes
  • Tone your abs and slim your waist for a more feminine shape
  • Feel great with this low impact, high intensity workout

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